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We are always seeking new and interesting casks to bottle. Indeed, casks which are privately owned are of great interest to us because many distilleries stopped the sale of their own stocks many years ago. Ultimately every cask has to end up in a bottle at some point and we enjoy the challenge of finding fine whisky to bottle, bringing to the market a unique single cask release.

Our Guarantee – We guarantee to pay a minimum of 150% above the distillery buy-back figure. Distilleries will simply offer you a straightforward valuation in line with the rest of their inventory and to them it’s just another cask. To us, it represents an exciting opportunity to bottle your cask in it’s truest form: unchill filtered, single cask, cask strength with natural colour under one of our brands. We have importers around the world who pay high price tags for these exact types of bottle.

How can I sell my cask? All you have to do is tell us a little about your cask and we come back to you the same day. We do not require samples because there is no such thing as a poor quality cask of single malt.

How much is my whisky cask worth? It all depends on age, cask contents and the name of the distillery. More premium brands fetch significantly higher prices.

Why choose Global Whisky? We are regulated by HMRC to own spirit in bond under our WOWGR license (Excise ID GBOG308144600) We are also HMRC approved under AWRS (URN no. XGAW00000113949) to retail bottles of Scotch Whisky in bulk. For your assurance, you are dealing directly with the end user. We are not whisky brokers and we are not an auction so you minimise time, risk and gain specialised knowledge by dealing with whisky specialists who can legally take ownership of duty suspended goods under bond. Finally we are VAT registered and pay corporation tax in the UK because we believe that’s the only way it should be.

Where are we located? Our office is situated in 11 Somerset Place G3 7JT, Glasgow Scotland. You are more than welcome to visit our whisky filled offices for a dram or two because we love talking whisky!

What are your fees? We operate a free valuation and free transfer of ownership policy to keep things simple and transparent. There are no hidden fees, auction fees or brokerage fees. The figure we mutually agree will be paid by direct bank transfer into your nominated bank account within 48 hours of signed Delivery Order (transfer of ownership document) being received by the holding warehouse.

What do you need for a valuation? As many details of the cask as possible, don’t worry if you don’t have a current regauge, we can easily estimate the contents of your cask from years of experience of bottling them.

Sell your cask today using the form below and Louis our co-founder will be delighted to learn more about your cask and walk you through the process.

“I sold my barrel of Benriach through Global Whisky and got a very good price for selling my cask. Louis and Alison are most helpful and take the hassle out of any paperwork needed. Payment was quick. Highly recommended.” 

William Carter

“Global Whisky gave me a great price for selling my Lochindaal cask. Very happy with the deal as I received a higher price than the distillery offered. 5 stars.”

Terry Scott

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